David Zientara

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Software Development

I have expertise in architecting and developing software from top to bottom, from the user experience through data storage and retrieval and everything in between. I embrace the development process from analysis at 10,000 feet through well-written lines of code. Most recently I have been focused on web application development and UI/UX.

immerse and learn iterate, evolve and grow

build things to last solve problems, help people

Lenel Systems International Ventana Medical Systems Applied Information Sciences


Nonprofits and Education

I helped start up The Physics Factory nonprofit, a science education organization dedicated to inspiring interest and learning through outreach and mentoring. Originally founded in Tucson, AZ, the Physics Factory has recently expanded with a Physics Bus program in Ithaca, NY.

energize science education ignite natural curiosity and wonder think it, build it, learn it accessible science for everyone


I love absorbing languages and cultures, and getting to know people from all over the world. Work and pleasure have taken me to over a dozen countries in five continents so far. It's a lifetime journey.

Hablo español. Je parle un peu le français. Eu falo português, mais ou menos.


a capella with Catacoustic Groove Mike Zecchino Scoot! gigging & recording

Afro-Brazilian study and travel drums & percussion vocals guitar