David Zientara

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Software Architecture and Development

I have expertise in architecting and developing software from top to bottom, from the user experience through data storage and retrieval and everything in between. I embrace the development process from analysis at 10,000 feet through well-written lines of code.

I have expertise in cloud services, particularly Microsoft Azure and AWS. I love web application development and UI/UX, including chat bot development with platforms like the Bot Framework.

immerse and learn iterate, evolve and grow

build things to last solve problems, help people

Lenel Systems International Ventana Medical Systems Applied Information Sciences


Nonprofits and Education

I helped start up The Physics Factory nonprofit, a science education organization dedicated to inspiring interest and learning through outreach and mentoring. Originally founded in Tucson, AZ, the Physics Factory has recently expanded with a Physics Bus program in Ithaca, NY.

energize science education ignite natural curiosity and wonder think it, build it, learn it accessible science for everyone


I love absorbing languages and cultures, and getting to know people from all over the world. Work and pleasure have taken me to over a dozen countries in five continents so far. It's a lifetime journey.

Hablo español. Je parle un peu le français. Eu falo português, mais ou menos.


a capella with Catacoustic Groove Mike Zecchino Scoot! gigging & recording

Afro-Brazilian study and travel drums & percussion vocals guitar